Membership Details

2 Head Office of the Committee: ITI,JIND
3 Jurisdiction of the Committee: The entire state of Haryana

Membership -

  1. Register on the website to get membership of the committee.
  2. The membership fee of the association is charged annually as per following plans, which can be paid online on the website itself.
  3. Membership Plans

    Membership Type TermFeeClick Here To Register
    Founder Member Permanent3100 Currently Not Available
    Life Time MemberPermamnent2100 Currently Not Available
    Normal Member1 Year1000 Register Now
  • The renewal of membership is due in April month every year, which is mandatory for every member to continue membership.
  • Membership fee will not be refunded under any circumstances, so pay the fee only after making complete determination.
  • Following are Goals and Objectives of the association for benefit of Registered Members

    3. To work for the upliftment of Yoga, to open and operate Yogashala.
    4. To avoid atrocities on women in the village, to organize against them and to work against all these evils.
    5. To conserve resources for the development of sports.
    6. To fully cooperate with the government in literacy.
    7. To do development work for public welfare.
    8. Development and expansion of Hindi language (Devanagari script).
    9. To prevent the evils spread in the society like:- female feticide, dowry system, child marriage, AIDS, moral degradation, hypocrisy, obscenity, corruption, child labor, liquor ban etc.
    10. To provide scholarship to poor and promising sportspersons.
    11. Akhara, library, computer center, dispensary, academy, gymnasium, yagyashala etc. will be run at different levels by the committee for social service at any place in Haryana.
    12.  Helping poor families, backward castes and weak players.
    13.  To organize camps for the treatment of eyes and to provide free treatment to poor people.
    14.  Organizing health camps in villages.
    15. Spiritual development, organizing awareness camps and seminars, in which cleanliness of the society by giving advice on the purity of drinking water, health, family welfare, small family family.
    16. To set up camps to get rid of the increasing intoxication of youth such as drugs, opium, charas, ganja, bidi-cigarettes, bhukki, tobacco, alcohol etc.
    17. Trying hard to stop the spread of terrorism, looting, corruption in the society.
    18. To serve people and get free treatment in code, extreme diseases, insanity, paralysis, jaundice, cancer and other terrible diseases.
    19. To help the poor people to set up small scale industries.
    20. Reducing pollution from the environment by planting trees in unfertile land, forest land.
    21. To protect wild animals, birds and animals, stray cows, to build gaushalas and to open Gonsvardhan centers and make proper arrangements for their stay.
    22. To end the discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, region, color, rich, poor and language in India, the formation of Vedic sub-committee in village-village.
    23. To make efforts to eliminate water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, land pollution etc.
    24. To arrange emergency vehicle ambulance for the person injured in road accident and to take the pregnant woman to the nearest hospital.
    25. To help the blind, physically handicapped, brain and mentally handicapped dumb, deaf and helpless people living in the society by providing them all kinds of facilities by helping them properly.
    26. To work for the upliftment of sports and organize competitions.
    27. To awaken the people to stop the population growth.
    28. To organize work camps for discipline, leadership, social service, character building, physical health among rural youth.
    29. To provide full assistance for flood, drought, earthquake, epidemic and peace establishment anywhere in any corner of India or friendly countries of India.
    30. To get donations, funds, loans from government-non-government institutions to fulfill the objectives of the organization.
    31. Organization can do any work with its income to fulfill its objectives, which leads to social welfare.


    a)      The property and income of the society shall be spent for the benefit of the society. No part of the profit or property shall be given to any member or guardian as bonus or dividend.


    b)      All the members of the committee shall be unpaid. Any member or patron of the executive committee who incurs expenditure out of his own pocket, shall be given to him from the income of the committee.


    c)       If there is any profit or income to the society, it will be invested in the interest of the society and can be used for other social work.


    d)       In the event of the closure of the committee due to any reason, no member of the liability or liability will be personally responsible, but in such a case, 2/3 majority vote of the members of the committee will be handed over to the like-minded committee.